TOP 4 SPIN BOOTH 360 Booth Photo Pose Ideas

Action, action, action! 
Guests who are unfamiliar with 360-degree rotating photo booth may be intimidated by the whirling arm, unclear of what to do while on the platform, and so on. 
After all, cutting-edge photo booth equipment captures movement rather than static images. 
And huge potential comes with movement!
If you notice people who appear nervous or apprehensive, don’t be afraid to reassure them by jumping up on the platform foundation and displaying them some suggestions. 
Show them how and where the spinning arm rotates around the platform base, as well as how they can follow the camera with their gaze, dance, and use props – the options for poses and creative expression are endless. 
Here are four fantastic photo posing ideas for your next event.

Idea 1: Get silly and creative with props and signage

If you’re dealing with bashful guests, props are the way to go. 
When using 360 photo booth, foolproof position is carrying goofy prop — imagine fancy top hats, giant beer glasses, moustaches, cardboard wigs, money guns, nerdy glasses — or hilarious placards, such as “my squad,” “I came for the cake,” and so forth.

You consider adding a bundle to your list of services where clients can request personalized signage to improve your income. This might be anything from the names and wedding dates of the bride and groom to a “Happy Birthday, Ben!” sign to a couple’s wedding hashtag.  Make your own signs if you’re crafty. If you’re not very crafty, check out your local party supply store or hire a local craftsman to produce your signs Can’t seem to discover a local creator? Look through Etsy to see what picture props are for sale. Amass a collection of signage, props, and accessories that will enhance your guests’ experiences.

Idea 2: Do a little dance for the camera

Dancing is usually a fantastic idea because the spinning camera booth captures movement and generates a lively and animated GIF photo. A 360 Video booth platform welcomes the sprinting guy, the disco finger, amazing shoulder motions, arms held high, and rhythmic wriggling. Make sure your photo booth is close to where the music is playing.

Idea 3: Strike a pose back-to-back

The back-to-back, too-cool-for-school position is a classic and cool pose that appears best when shot by a 360 photo booth. Couples or groups of three or four visitors can stand back-to-back with their arms crossed, looking out into the distance, meditating intently, and so on. People rarely grin for these more “serious” images, but the end result is usually a delight. Encourage guests to make eye contact with the camera when it’s on them for added intensity.

Idea 4: Toast to good times

The classic toast is another go-to pose that looks great without movement and even better when taken with a spinning camera booth. Nothing says party like glasses held high in the air. Guests can stand back-to-back, in a line, or in two lines (depending on the model of Spin A Booth you get, as platform bases vary in size), then toast, nod, wink, or wave to the camera as it swirls around them.


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